Our History

University Overview

More than 160 years ago, Gallaudet University was established as a higher education institution for the Deaf community, creating opportunities for students to learn and grow together and, ultimately, flourish in society.

From its founding to the current thriving community of students and faculty, Gallaudet University continues to draw from its long history, deep traditions, and rich culture. Since the initial class of six students in 1856, Gallaudet University has overcome many obstacles that time and cultural exchange have placed in its path. Today, the university community has grown to include an academic population of more than 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students, with faculty members and students representing cultural backgrounds from all over the world.

In addition to its accredited undergraduate and graduate study programs, Gallaudet University provides students with a diverse social and community environment.  Also on campus, the Gallaudet University Hearing & Speech Center is proud to offer students and faculty, as well as residents in the Greater Washington, DC area, access to state-of-the-science hearing and speech/language services.

College Hall, built in 1877
James Lee Sorenson Language & Communications Center

Hearing & Speech Center

The Gallaudet University Hearing & Speech Center (GUHSC) is located on the campus of Gallaudet University — the only university in the U.S. dedicated to the deaf community. Serving individuals residing in the greater Washington DC area, as well as Gallaudet University’s student body, faculty, and staff, GUHSC is at the forefront of hearing health, speech and language innovation, and training for the next generation of experts in the field. We are committed to providing clients with a holistic approach to hearing and speech-language health care. That approach consists of comprehensive hearing and speech-language evidence-based services that address the individual’s unique communication needs. Under the direct supervision of highly trained audiologists and speech-language pathologists, our master and doctoral graduate students experience hands-on training in the Hearing & Speech Center.
Our unique approach places the client at the center of a customized solution to help achieve the individual's goals. We take time to listen to individual concerns, use evidence-based approaches to assess each client, and make recommendations based on individual needs and goals.